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Roaming / full-service interface for car sharing

Independent and uniform data interface for interoperable car sharing. Enables carsharing operators to network with each other, even if different telematics and booking software is used.
Also enables connectivity for pure mobility providers without their own fleet - MaaS.

The interface is typically implemented by the software provider in its product (telematics and booking system, apps) - the service is thus available to operators using this SW.

In addition to the technical interface, provides an organizational framework that allows fleet operators to market their mobility offers in a coordinated way towards mobility providers.

The roaming network is currently running in an extended field test in the central region of Upper Austria.
The roll-out and application throughout Austria is planned for 2022.

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Area covered: 


Incl. border region

Network coverage: 

Roadnetwork, Motorways, Regional roads, Urban and local roads

Transportation modes: 

Personal, car

Quality description: 

The data interface has been tested and the booking functions have been in operation since 2020.
Find vehicle - book - unlock - use.


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Contract and Fee
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When used (booking), transaction fees are incurred, which cover the operating costs. The operation is designed without profit intention.

For pure information services, own open data interfaces will be offered free of charge in the future.

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05/12/2022 to 04/12/2023

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Open API
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