If the dataset fits in more than one data-category?

If the dataset fits in more than one data-category all of them can be selected. This way the dataset will be listed under all fitting data-categories. Misstatements have to be avoided, because this can confuse the users and make it difficult to find the desired information.

If Datasets are available in different formats?

If a dataset is available in more than one format there are two possibilities how this can be handled. The first is to prefer and use the version that is most compatible with/ or in DATEX II format. The second option is to publish the dataset in all different formats.

If the dataset is not fitting in any data-category?

If the dataset does not fit in any data-category it is possibly not relevant for the delegated regulations. But users can publish those datasets on the opendataportal.at or Data.gv.at.

If the data-format does not fit?

If the format of your dataset is not compatible with DATEX II or not in the list of data-formats of this platform, you can find all information about converting your dataset into DATEX II on the DATEX II webpage Datex II Website.

General Questions

Detailed information about procedures like for example how to log in, register or delete users, datasets and organisations, can be found in the Manual [LINK: Download Manual]. If there are still open questions use the contact-form [LINK: Kontaktformular].