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Berg- und Passstraßen aktuelle Befahrbarkeit (Öst. und angrenzendes Ausland)


Name, Streckenverlauf
Eignung für Wohnwagen-Gespanne
Straßenbeschaffenheit, Seehöhe, Steigung (in %) in Prozent
dynmaische Informationen: aktive Schneekettenpflicht, Wintersperre, Baustellen, Veranstaltungen etc.

Bereitstellung via API, oAuth2-Identifizierung, Datenformat JSON

Data Description or Sample Data: 

JSON-Schema in Anlage 1 des Mustervertrages enthalten (siehe unten)

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Ca. 160 Datensätze, Aktualisierung Stammdaten 1 x pro Jahr, dynamische Daten alle 5 Min.

Sämtliche Inhalte stammen von autorisierten Behörden (Infrastrukturbetreiber, BMI etc.), zusätzlich laufende (teil-) manuelle Überprüfung der dynamischen Inhalte auf Aktualität, Redundanzen etc,


According to delegated regulation: 

Traffic data, Real-time traffic data, Traffic volume, Speed, locations of queues, Travel times, Waiting time at border crossings to non-EU Member States, Estimated travel times, Expected delays, traffic restrictions, Traffic regulations and identifying dangers, Tunnel access conditions, Bridge access conditions, Speed limits, Permanent access restrictions, Other traffic regulations, Traffic circulation plans, Traffic management plans, Dynamic access information, Road closures, Lane closures, Bridge closures, Tunnel closure, Dynamic overtaking bans on heavy goods vehicles, Dynamic Speed limits, Direction of travel on reversible lanes, Dynamic access conditions for bridges, Dynamic access conditions for tunnels, temporary traffic management measures or plans, Road status, Road Works, Poor road conditions, Weather conditions affecting road surface and visibility, Accidents and incidents, Safety-related traffic information, Temporary slippery road, Animal, people, obstacle, debris on the road, Unprotected accident area, Reduced visibility, Short term road works, Wrong-way driver, Unmanaged blockage of a road, Exceptional weather conditions, Freight & Tolling, Toll information, Location of tolling stations, Identification of tolled roads, Fixed road user charges and available payment methods, Variable road user charges and available payment methods, Data for ITS services, Dataset for service “Information service”, Passenger classes (classes of user such as adult, child, student, veteran, impaired access and qualifying conditions and classes of travel such as 1st, 2nd.), Common fare products (access rights such as zone/point-to-point including daily and weekly tickets/single/return, eligibility of access, basic usage conditions such as validity period/operator/time of travel/interchanging, standard point to point fares pr, Special Fare Products: offers with additional special conditions such as promotional fares, group fares, season passes, aggregated products combining different products and add on products such as parking and travel, minimum stay, Basic commercial conditions such as refunding/replacing/exchanging/transferring and basic booking conditions such as purchase windows, validity periods, routing restrictions zonal sequence fares, minimum stay., Where and how to buy tickets for scheduled modes, demand responsive modes and car parking (all scheduled modes and demand-responsive incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods), How to pay tolls (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods), How to book car sharing, taxis, cycle hire etc. (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods), Where how to pay for car parking, public charging stations for electric vehicles and refuelling points for CNG/LNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel powered vehicles (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods), Dataset for service “Dynamic Passing times, trip plans and auxiliary information”, Disruptions (all modes), Real-time status information — delays, cancellations, guaranteed connections monitoring (all modes), Status of access node features (including dynamic platform information, operational lifts/escalators, closed entrances and exit locations — all scheduled modes), Estimated departure and arrival times of services, Current road link travel times, Cycling network closures/diversions, Future predicted road link travel times, Dataset for service “Dynamic Information service”, Availability of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles and refuelling points for CNG/LNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel powered vehicles

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Bergstraßen, Pässe, Schneeketten, Wintersperren, Straßenzustand


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25/04/2023 to 24/04/2024

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JSON Schema
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Up to 5min
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Binary Data OEAMTC_passroads_Testdata.json